Small Knives


Large Knives

$1.25 per inch

Knife Repair


Knife polishing


Axes - sharpen         


Axes – Edge Repair


Lawnmower Blades (off mower)


Straight Scissors


Plane irons (2 in or less)


Wood Chisels


Sharpening Lessons

$50.00 for 2 hr.

Other Edges

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We are serious about satisfying your requirements for a sharp edge. If you are not pleased with the results, please let us know and we will fix the problem or refund your money.
Razor Sharp

We specialize in sharpening quality Chef's
knives, bringing them to a like new condition. The knives we sharpen have a mirror edge that is razor sharp. We also sharpen almost all other edged tools. If it is dull, call us! 709-237-3553

Services and Prices

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