We use only the finest sharpening tools and techniques. We use Japanese water stones for the finest edges (up to 13,000 grit per inch) to give a mirror finish on high quality chief's knives and straight razors. We also use diamond dust and chromium oxide of 60,000 grit for finishing straight razors for the finest shaving edge.

We also do an excellent job on hunting knives, pocket knives, axes, chisels, wood plane blades (irons) wood turning chisels, and lawn mower blades.

Sharpen all your kitchen knives so they are as sharp as when you bought them. Also sharpen your Scissors, Axes, Wood Planes, Straight Razors and other wood working tools. Don't throw them out!  Get a razor's edge on all your tools! 
Razor Sharp

We specialize in sharpening quality Chef's
knives, bringing them to a like new condition. The knives we sharpen have a mirror edge that is razor sharp. We also sharpen almost all other edged tools. If it is dull, call us! 709-237-3553

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